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TNR TECHNOLOGY, 266 avenue Daumesnil, 75012 Paris, France

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PLEASE SEND ME : unit(s) of the STRESSOMETER COMBY™ Tremor Monitor type (type available: ADTM60) with its accelerometric sensor, instructions for use in English, transport case, 12 month warranty, version (English or French), at the price of EUROS per unit (VAT not included) :

SUB TOTAL A    = EUROS (shipment and VAT not included)

SHIPMENT = EUROS /unit x units = EUROS

To view the complete list of prices and cost of shipment, please refer to our list of prices (click here).

Shipments outside France are sent by PRIORITY AIR SHIPMENT and inside France by COLISSIMO rapid delivery.

export outside of the European Economic Community : VAT is to be paid in the country of destination (French and European taxes = 0 EUROS).
export from France to another country of the European Economic Community, to organizations with a VAT identification number : in this case the VAT is to be paid in the country of destination (French VAT = 0 EUROS) . You must indicate your European VAT identification number above.
shipment to France or to another country of the European Union to individuals and clients without a European VAT identification number: you must pay the French VAT at the rate of 20% (calculated on SUB TOTAL A) :

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The STRESSOMETER(s) are sent with the invoice as soon as TNR TECHNOLOGY receives your payment and the completed and signed order form. Orders are to be prepaid via paypal or by cheque or bank-to-bank wire transfer. All payments are to be made in EUROS.

Payment via paypal (in Euros): fill, print, sign, and send this order form by fax to +33 9 55 29 00 22 or email it to tnr[at]tnr.fr, click on the visa card logo below, and follow the instructions. The amount of your payment will be debited from your credit card. Most credit cards are accepted (Visa, Mastercard, American Express...). Do not send your card number to TNR TECHNOLOGY, please make the payment as indicated after clicking on the visa card icon. Click here: for payment to TNR TECHNOLOGY by credit card in Euros (EUR). Type the amount to be paid in the appropriate box and follow the instructions given by paypal to send your payment. TNR automatically receives notification from Paypal that your payment has arrived.    

Payment by wire transfer (in Euros): 1/ fill, print, sign, and fax this order form to +33 9 55 29 00 22 - 2/ send an e-mail to tnr[at]tnr.fr and ask for instructions concerning payments by electronic bank-to-bank wire transfer. You will receive instructions by e-mail.

Payment by cheque (in Euros): fill, print, sign, and send this order form by traditional mail with your cheque. Cheques should be labelled in EUROS (foreign currencies not accepted).

TNR TECHNOLOGY sarl - capital 36.000 Euros - RCS Paris 410 219 869 - Activity code (NAF) : 514N
European VAT identification number : FR 55 410 219 869 00022