Ordering coupon
    of the musical album "DELICIOUS"

Produced by : HumaniTerre/Canada - Musics by : P. Davoz - Lyrics and interpretation by B. Comby
Eight songs
- 30 minutes of high quality music - Available in : CD or AUDIO TAPE

The tapes and CD's are sent to your postal address in the shortest possible delay as soon as TNR DISTRIBUTION receives this ordering coupon and the payment.

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  Audio TAPE / 8 titles / 2 x 30 minutes :

12 Euros x

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  Audio CD / 8 titles / 30 minutes :

18 Euros x

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This price includes french taxes and shipment by surface mail.

Discount (distributors and wholesale) : 20% discount for 2 units - 25% for 3 units
30% for 5 units - 40% for 10 units - 50% for 20 units =    discount minus Euros

  Optional PRIORITY SHIPMENT :   Free for France

Priority Air Mail to Europe

3 Euros x

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Priority Air Mail outside Europe

5 Euros x

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Payments by cheque or wire transfer are to be denominated in EUROS.