The daily chore of bottled water


Let's consider a typical family consuming about 6 litres a day of bottled water, as drinking water and for cooking (four persons using 1.5 litres each).

Each week, Mommy and Daddy load up a supermarket carriage with heavy bottles of water, then unload them at the cashier's desk, pay for them and put them back in the carriage. Then take everything out to the car, and load them in the trunk. Finally getting home, they have to take them out of the car, carry them wearily upstairs to their flat, and store them in the pantry where they take up a lot of space. 

A few days later, the trash can is filled with empty bottles; and if they are not recycled they will pollute the environment.

That's the daily and weekly chore of bottled water. This family buys and transports 40 kilograms (88 pounds) of water each week, that is over two tons a year, and it will cost them over 600 euros a year (600 dollars or 400 pounds sterling) :

40 kilos of bottled water per week represents more than 2 tonnes of water to be handled every year ! (and 667 Euros of expenses)


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