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Presentation - A new electronic instrument :

The tremor sensor (right hand side on the picture), a high-precision accelerometer, measures the microscopic Tremor of the Nervous system at Rest (TNR) of the subject, with great precision. The measurement scale makes possible the evaluation of tremor. Biofeedback exercizes can be made to gain better control of one's self through the control of microscopic tremor.

For :

  1. Galvanic Skin Response, temperature and muscle tension are all indirect measures for subjective stress. But there is a physiological expression of stress that is more primary and direct : the microscopic tremor of the nervous system at rest (TNR™) of the human body. Our tremor levels fluctuate throughout each day, but most of us vary within a given range. That range, and its pattern of changes, reveals important data about stress and our nervous system and how these are affecting our health.
  2. The TREMOR MONITOR or STRESSOMETER COMBY™ is the first hand tremor monitor in the world: a new and revolutionary non invasive electronic instrument used by individuals, corporations, health professionals, sportsmen, wanting to monitor their tremor, nervousness or stress-related conditions.


  3. The STRESSOMETER™ OR TREMOR MONITOR COMBY™ measures the Tremor of the Nervous system at Rest (TNR™) in a Standard Measuring Position (SMP). The TNR™ increases under stress, as a consequence of the action of adrenaline as a neurotransmitter, as well as in presence of nicotine, cafeine, and other stimulants. It decreases during a relaxation session, and when the subject unstresses himself by natural means, by the use of tranquillizers (especially beta-blockers) or by special training sessions.


  4. The STRESSOMETER™ is a high-tech instrument built around an accelerometric piezo-electric sensor, with an electronic microchip for digital treatment of the signal. Thereby, it measures very precisely the human microscopic Tremor of the Nervous system at Rest (TNR™), invisible by the naked eye.


  5. Certified by the GLEM (Group of Laboratories for Electro-Medical Devices), the STRESSOMETER™ complies with European and international regulations for electro-medical devices (CE, IEC 601.1 & NF C 74-010).


  6. The ADTM 50 version of the STRESSOMETER™ is a multi-purpose instrument for use by health professionals and the general public. It has a double function of measuring human tremor with a reference scale by using the "20 SECOND MEASURE MODE" and of monitoring and learning how to reduce stress and tremor with specific training exercizes in the "CONTINUOUS MEASURE MODE" (step-by-step exercizes are described in the user's manual). Every unit of the STRESSOMETER™ is assembled, tested, and calibrated under strict technical control, in order to offer total satisfaction to the customer.


  7. The STRESSOMETER™ and the concept have been developed by a team of physicians and high-level scientists, coordinated by a nuclear physicist, Bruno Comby, in cooperation with the Medical Board of the Institut Bruno Comby. Clinical and scientific research has been performed during 10 years before commercialization.


  8. The STRESSOMETER™ is at present the only instrument available on the international market capable of measuring the Tremor of the Nervous system at Rest. This tremor corresponds to the nervous condition and level of physiological and psychological stress of the patient. It is a reliable and easy-to-measure clinical indicator of the subject's nervous condition.


  9. The STRESSOMETER™ opens new possibilities in fields of growing interest : medical prevention, non-smoking, psychological, emotional, and professional stress, more precisely the detection, supervision and monitoring of stress, tremor and nervous disorders.


    The use of the STRESSOMETER ™
    is especially recommended in the following cases :

The STRESSOMETER™ is designed to measure normal physiological tremors that occur universally, which center at 10 Hz. Certain other tremors (such as Parkinsonian tremors) may be caused by specific medical conditions. Those tremors can also be measured with the STRESSOMETER™, but measurement and interpretation of pathological tremors should be done only under a physician's guidance.