Stressometer Comby™

Standard Measuring Position (SMP)


1 - Stand upright facing the STRESSOMETER™ .

2 - Turn STRESSOMETER™ on by pressing the ON button.

3 - Hold the sensor in the dominant hand (in the right hand if you are righthanded), with the arm slightly bent at an angle of about 45°.

4 - Do not squeeze the sensor, just hold it gently.

5 - Choose the measurement mode:

---> 20 SECOND MEASURE for 20 second measurements

or: CONTINUOUS MEASURE for continuous measurements and biofeeedback applications.

6 - During measurement: DON'T MOVE, DON'T SPEAK, stay calm, stand still, breathe normally and regularly and relax as much as possible.

7 - The result is automatically displayed when the TNR™ light flashes.

8 - Start a new measure or change mode at any moment.

9 - Press the OFF button when finished.


Note : this standard position is recommended in most cases, but other measuring positions are possible.


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